Marysville Infant Toddler House
  1. Infant - Buttercup Classroom
    On a daily basis we observe our infants needs and meets those with experienced staff and an enriched atmosphere. The classroom is full of soft plush crawling areas where they can explore in a safe environment, without compromising their need to move! For our younger infants we have a variety of playmats, bounce chairs, and padded blankets for them to be on to explore. Our "Buttercups" will blossom in to the "Daisy" room at 12 months of age!
  2. Toddler - Daisy Classroom
    A great place to explore and play in a calm, unique environment. Our Daisy toddler room has a large motor area with large padded climbing blocks, along with a quiet reading nook. Our classroom offers many choices for our busy toddler's to choose from, whether they want to do art activities, sensory, scooter riding or dress up, we have many to choose from! Once you walk in to our daisy room you will see the attributes that make it feel like home along with an educational touch.